access problem

My red device is installed as standard/split and is connecting to sophos. Uplink is green.  Split networks defined. At the same time, the departure and return rules are also smooth.

But i have a different problem. 

 When I ping the RED's local IP address from the location where it is located, I get a time out, I get a response from 50-60 pings. The response I got is very slow.

I reinstalled the RED device, deleted all the rules and rewrote but without success.

There seems to be a connection, but packets do not come and go between locations. Very rare packet sent but very slow.

Sophos firmware is SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365 (XG115), RED firmware is 3.0.008 (RED 15W).

When a REd connection is established, I should be able to ping at least the IP address of the RED port or other port IP addresses in sophos without any problems. (ping is on and there are no rules to block access).

It was a build I've used before with no problems.

Have you experienced such a problem before?

Could it be from the ISP?

If you think it is from an ISP, how should I open a request to the ISP?

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