ADSSO - Kerberos failed. NTLM works

Hi :)

Customer has received an XGS-FW, previously used a SG.
AD SSO was set up at orientation of Sophos-Com contribution. (

The following problem:

NTLM-Auth works without problems
KERBEROS fails: "Cannot initalize...".

NASM log says the following.

[nasm] initialize_kerberos(): realm = XXXX.LOCAL
Dec 02 10:06:58.761799Z [nasm] system configured hostname [XX-XGS01]
Dec 02 10:06:58.762319Z [nasm] initialize_kerberos(): gss_acquire_cred HOST/XX-XGS01@XX.LOCAL: No key table entry found for HOST/XX-XGS01@XXX.LOCAL

Does anyone have an idea ?

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