VLAN subnet extension. New addresses unusable.


I have increased the size of a subnet from /27 to /26 and any node with an IP beyond the range of /27 has connectivity issues.

I have done this before and don't remember having issues. Apart from Network > Interfaces > VLAN > {Port} > IPv4/netmask, is there anywhere else I need to go to make changes?

The XG is the only layer 3 device on the network. Switches are all layer 2.

XG and switches have been rebooted several times.

XG version: SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365 (My device hasn't picked up 19.5 yet and I can't find the option to manually upload).

I've checked the routing table from the advanced console with route -n and the VLAN in question has the correct mask (

Thank you.

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