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Allow SSL VPN (Remote Access) User portal (And other Sophos ACL Services) for specif user

So most users using the remote access vpn.

My thought was now, create new ssl vpn profile and give seperate "vpn zone", and allow under Administration>Device Access the Userportal.

But no, you cant.

Is there anyway to make this happen for single user? Or do i just simple make firewall rule from vpn to some gateway with port HTTPS?

Or what is the best practice for some backup admin interface? Or can you put a specif user if he connect inside a local net?

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  • Yes but that does not answer my question. I cant specify define here a user? Or am i blind?

    My problem is still, i cant seperate vpn for normal user or vpn for admins, since i can only set up global SSL Settings.

    I tried to make it work with firewall rule, but i cant access GateWay:4444