Lastpass blocked by application filtering (Block high risk (Risk Level 4 and 5) apps)

Hi Sophos Community,

I was wondering for a while why some of our customers couldn't reach the Lastpass website. Now I have discovered that its being blocked by application filtering with filter "Block high risk (Risk Level 4 and 5) apps". I am aware that I can simply allow Lastpass in the application filtering policy, but I was wondering why Lastpass is listed in this list in the first place? Are there any risks to using Lastpass that I am unaware of?

Also, now that I am diving deeper into this issue, I'm noticing that the applied filter is supposed to block Risk Level 4 and 5 but it does include Lastpass which is risk level 1 that seems odd....

Not sure if I should ask this question on a community post or a support case but I thought I would try the community first.

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