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Delete time schedule - in use by invisible Dynamic Channel setting on REDw


I want do delete the two default work hour profiles below and found a bug:

SFOS 19.0.1 dows not allow me to do that:

Schedule could not be deleted. Schedule already in use.
I could not find it anywhere.
The config export then showed me it is in use by two RED 15w devices in Wireless Accesspoints for time based Wifi Channel scans.
The problem is, you cannot see, change or delete that option for REDw devices.
Also, this is only for 2 of a whole bunch of devices, all other REDw do not have the Time Schedle in the config.
Problem here in the config:
  <WirelessAccessPoint transactionid="">
      <Time>Work hours (6 Day week)</Time>
If you untick the Dyn chan setting, the time schedule is removed from the config on the backend and it is possible to delete the time schedule then.
delete OK:
After the profile Dyn Chan had been unset, the Time Schedule deleted, I was able to enable Dyn Chan again and it was OK.

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