XGS 116 IPSec RemoteAccess with Sophos Connect very slow

Hi folks, I´ve a big problem with the speed of an IPSec-Connection. It must be > 3MB/s and I get under 1MB/s via internet provider.

I´ve a new configuration out of the box and a flat network. The features like IPS or tread protection are all off.

For testing I build a test environment with a Fujitsu Server with 2 gig-ethernetports.

I downloaded a testversion from sophos firewall an made a new configuration. My sophos connect client ist directly on the wan-side (gig-port) and I´ve one client on the lan-side (gig-port) with a share.

When I test download a file, I get a speed in max 2MB/s, most time only 300 to 500 kB/s.

I´ve the newest FW SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365 and the newest Sophos Connect client 2.2.75.

I have a ticket by the sophos-support an I had two sessions with each session more than 2 hours and they took dumps but they could´t find anythink. They controlled the configuration, but everthig is fine.

Is there anybody who uses the same versions and use the IPSec-Connect with Sophos Connect? How ist the speed?

Can anybody give me an older version of the Sophos Firewall for testing in my test environment?

I´m waiting for your answers an hope, you all can halp me.

Many thanks...


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  • The case ist still open. I tried a lot with sophos connect and older sophos IPSec-client both on a SG9.7 and with different client hardware.

    And now I know, that the sophos connect is 5 to 10 times slower then the older IPSec-client. I compared it with an older core2duo (older Lenovo Notebook) and a core i5 (surface Pro 4). With sophos connect I got 350kB/s (Lenovo) and 3,9MB/s (Surface pro), with Sophos IPSec I got 3 MB/s (Lenovo) and up to 12 MB/s (Surface pro).

    I wrote this results to the support case and now I wait for an answer. Maybe there is a better configuration for sophos connect ore I can use a different IPSec-Client (other then sopos connect).

    I'll come back, after feedback...