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Install Sophos XG Home on XGS Hardware

Hello all! I am currently running Sophos home edition on a UTM 120 appliance. It's time to upgrade. So I recently purchased a second hand XGS 87 appliance with the hopes of installing XG home edition on it. As expected from reading the installation guides for installing XG home on XG appliances you cannot simply use the Sophos installer to reinstall the image over the existing as it will detect that it's a hardware appliance and want you to use the correct image for that instead, to which the home edition will not work since the serial number doesn't match the home edition license. Long story short, im wondering if anyone has been successful in wiping the hard drive of an XGS appliance to be able to install XG home edition. Since there is no video output, I haven't been able to figure out how to wipe the hard drive using the normal methods available to hardware with a video output. Perhaps there is a Linux version out there that is compatible with a serial connection? Any and all responses are appreciated! 

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