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Clients don't receive an IP address from DHCP on newly created VLAN

Hi! I just created a new VLAN and DHCP server with firewall rule and clients are not able to get an IP address. My goal is to have my guest WIFI network (and if I can get this working, my IoT network) on a separate VLAN. I've restarted my switch, firewall, and DHCP server, removed and re-created everything a few times but no joy.

My newly created VLAN interface:

My new network IP host:

My newly created DHCP server on the firewall for the new VLAN:

The new firewall rule to allow traffic from the network to the WAN (placed in top position):

I have a Unifi AP connected but have also tried a wired laptop to another dedicated VLAN port on the switch with the same results: can't get an IP address

Thanks for any help!

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  • Hi dsurfer ,

    Tcpdump will help us to find whether the request reaches Firewall or not from the switch

    console> tcpdump interface PortA.200  'port 67 or 68 

    09:12:51.593198 PortA.200, IN: IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from 50:22:00:06:00:00, length 300

    If no IN packet is received with the above tcpdumps, we need to confirm from the switch VLAN configuration and VLAN interface are properly set on the switch.

    tcpdump command : 

    tcpdump interface <interface> 'port <port-number>'

    Thanks and Regards

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