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Interface speed Stuck at 10 Mbps - Half Duplex, Auto-negotiated, Grayed out.

I have never been able to change my Network, Interfaces, Connection, PortA=LAN or PortB=WAN, Interface speed.

The Interface speed is set to Auto negotiate and "Grayed out".

I am running on a VMware® Workstation 16 Pro, with NICs set to bridged mode, the NICs are I350-t-4 and I even went into the physical NIC settings and tried to set the negotiation speed from Auto to 100mb and 1gb, and also checked all the setting in the virtual network settings on the VM as well as the VM/Guest settings on the Guest machine hosting the SFVH/SFOS. SFVH (SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365).

How do I set the Interface speed above10 Mbps - Half Duplexand and resolve the Auto negotiate being "Grayed out"?


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