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VLANs Working but Crashing when too much Inter-VLAN Traffic occurs (Connection Reset issues)

Thanks in advance,

I have a Sophos XG virtual Firewall running on Vmware ESXI. I have multiple VLANs in my home network.

VLAN 40 is supposed to be a service VLAN that allows SSL VPN Connections to come in and access certain VM services (This is working)

VLAN 99 is supposed to be my personal VLAN that can access any VLAN.

When I come in from an external network on SSL VPN everything works fine, however when I come through on my physical VLAN 99 to hit the service VLAN 40 at assets, with too much traffic, all established connections crash, and then recover after a minute or two.

For instance - I can have an SSH session going to one of the VMs but when I hit the web site that that VM supports , the web site never loads, and the SSH session disconnects with "connection reset". After a minute or two it starts pinging again.

The most recent thing I did was migrate this VM from not being in a VLAN to being in VLAN 40 and assigned it an IP address in that range with a default gateway of

I'm not really sure what exactly I have wrong here. My laptop connects to a Cisco Switch that is configured for VLAN 99 (FastEthernet 100 meg) and then trunks with a 1Gig Trunk port to the physical LAN port on the server. I can ping the, which is the address of the asset. It's an Eve-NG server by the way.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate - the community has always been a huge help to me



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