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Sophos Firewall connecting to NordVPN

Sophos Firewall connecting to NordVPN


I'm user of Untangle at my home/homelab. I'm trying Sophos Firewall to see if i switch from Untangle to Sophos Firewall.
I'm from Brazil but i live in Canada, because of my country of origin i have to use an VPN like NordVPN to "tell" to brazilian service providers (like banks, governement sites and etc.) that "i'm in brazil".

So not having a way to connect to a VPN service like Nord VPN and route my trafic over NordVPN can be a deal breaker.

I researched and i'm not sure if its possible or not possible to do this.

Can you tell me if i can connect to an VPN service like NordVPN and route my trafic over there in Sophos Firewal?

I think i have the newest version, i started to test it yesterday.

Thanks guys.

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