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DHCP reservations

I am going from a Windows Server DHCP to our Sophos Firewall.

Am I to understand that the Sophos Firewall does not do static IP reservations? Or at least does not do it in the same manner as Windows does?

Does the reserved IP have to be outside of the lease pool?

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  • I don't understand from your explanation or the linked post how this isn't a reservation in a traditional sense. There are static IP addresses and dynamic IP addresses. "Reserved" IP addresses are static. In Sophos' case, they logically say that you can't have a static IP address that's also a dynamic IP address. I guess someone could define "reserved" to mean "in the dynamic range, but actually static"?

    From a user perspective, it's transparent. Is there an Admin aspect to it that makes things harder? Or is this just "Sophos doesn't work like Microsoft" issue? I'm satisfied with it. (I think some folks don't realize that you can have multiple dynamic ranges by clicking the "+", so if you want some "reserved" addresses in the middle of a dynamic range, you can do that.)

  • Hi ,

    I just mean that traditionally DHCP reservations are reserved IP's within a scope. No need to create gaps in the dynamic lease pool to insert a static IP.

    In essence, the Sophos Firewall achieves the idea of DHCP reservations also, just done in a different manner -- via static / dynamic assignments like you mentioned, and can very well be in the "same range" as you explained in the Community post linked. 

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