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Need a faster way to transfer UTM to XG objects (got 20,000)

I'm migrating from a UTM to a XG firewall manually.  There is an insane amount of network, host and service objects and this is a very time-consuming process prone to human error.  I know there is a migration tool, though that will convert the whole config and in the past all I have migrated this way was broken in some form of way with more complicated setups like this one.  

Does anyone know a faster way to export these objects on the UTM and import to the XG?

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  • It sounds like you are a partner if you have used the migration tool before... I would just use the migration tool.  I've not seen any issues with things broken other than NAT rule issues (which we manually resolve on the destination system).  Make sure you are using the "old" tool. The new one does have issues.  Contact your channel SE for more information.

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  • There is a migration tool for that like Bruce mentioned. But if you don't have access to it, you can use Microsoft Excel to create XML file to import to firewall. To find out proper format of XML, you can export couple of objects from XG firewall and then use excel to create similar file including all objects and then import it to XG. I have done it before. It'll take les than an hour if you know what you are doing.