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How can i read this port config ?

Hi all

xg sophos FW

Please look at picture below

I don't know how can i read this config

I know it's LS link, but there are 3 ip adresses: 01 private configured with its GW, and 02 others ip public (real ip).

When you edit these 02 ip adresses, you have only ip config and showing like aliases.

May be there are 02 logicals links in one physical link.

Users go to internet through one logical link, but it's not specified on rule ( only: wan destination)

Can you please explain what technologie used, and how it's configured technically.


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  • Probably you have connectivity with ISP gateway via private IP address on main interface and users internet access provided via one of public addresses. Because only public addresses are routable in internet. Take a look at FW nat rules and you will find a SRC NAT rule that uses one of these addresses as translated source instead of MASQ which will use private address.

    In fact in ISP GW, those public IP addresses routed to private address that is set on the main interface.

  • But i need to know how it works? when the packet go from lan to wan (internet)

    the  ip public and private are configured on external interface (Port 6). 

    port6:0 and port6:1 are they sub-interfaces or no?

  • Port6:0 and Port6:1 is like additional ip addresses on a computer's NIC. FW replies to arp requests for all 3 ip addresses with Port6 mac address.

    You can find more info here:

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