STAS WMI Access Denied after Windows Update

Hello all,

We are facing several problems with STAS Logoff detection method - WMI after the lasted Windows updates mid of June.
All computers are returned Access Denied when we execute WMI test over STAS. This is causing a big problem with discnnection users.

Is there any Sophos Staff or someone that has the solution for this ?

We already try change several Regedit entries, but without sucess.



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  • So you created the RequireIntegrityActivationAuthenticationLevel registry key and set the value to zero to disable it?

    I think this means that in 14 March 2023, this solution will not longer be viable, since Microsoft will remove the ability to disable this setting.

    Therefore Sophos needs to find a permanent solution which is compatible with these changes to DCOM.

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