Problem in Sophos XGS 136W after power shortcut

Hello all,

I am new in this Sophos community. So, first of all, hello everybody and thank you for your future help in resolving my issue. I have tried to find similar issues but I could not find them.

After working during 9 months with a Sophos XGS 136W in the office with a small network (12 pc's connected via wired network and 2 wifi connections) without any issue, we had a power shortcut and, after rebooting the sophos, it was not possible to use the network again.

The Sophos was working as router (I remove the router supplied by Vodafone and I connected to the ISP using PPPoE), as firewall and as DHCP server.

After rebooting, I see always a RED indicator in the gateway. See this image:

Do you know the meaning of this Red LED in the "State" of the connection?

I have tried to restore to a previous backup copy (done when everything was working) but without success. Sophos has also all the latest firmwares updates.

If I remove the Sophos and I reconnect the router supplied by Vodafone, the network is working properly. So, it does not seem a problem related to the external connection.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

Jordi Sans

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  • Hey ,

    This Interface Port2 is configured as PPPOE interface, so the command used is not applicable and will not work. It is only to be used using static interface. 

    Try checking the following logs…

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