XG Can't ping ISP gateway but users can

We have an XG 310 that has two separate internet connections to the same ISP for redundancy and load balancing.  Obviously, these two connections are set up on their own WAN ports on the XG, each with a different static IP (and each port has a different MAC address).  The issue is that the second connection shows down, however, it will pass internet traffic that is forced out that port with the EXCEPTION of ping.  For whatever reason, the XG cannot ping anything ping-able on the internet.... HOWEVER, clients on the LAN that are forced out that port can ping hosts on the internet.  We also have a third internet connection to a different ISP for backup/failover that is working just fine.  Does anyone have any input as to why the XG is acting this way? 

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  • This XG was upgraded to V18 when it was fully released, but we had so many buggy issues with it that I had to wipe it out and re-load V17.5 back on to it.  I'm going to be removing an XG210 from one of our other locations in the next week or so, so I might set it up and pop it in place after hours and see if I get the same results.

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help me figure this issue out!  I'll update this thread once I get to try the other XG out or if I figure it out before then.