Is IPv6 actually desirable? (rfcat_vk)

I've tried to follow rfcat_vk's excellent documentation of the current state of IPv6 in SFOS. And I've been feeling like I'm missing out that my ISP doesn't offer IPv6 (they've said "coming soon" for a year now, maybe more). But the more I look into it, the less benefit I see. I almost don't want it to drop at this point.

It avoids NAT, but NAT doesn't really slow things down and the only IPv4 workaround I'm familiar with that I need is SIP ALG (which in SOFOS appears to work well). With most all critical communications using TLS, it doesn't seem like IPv6 actually adds much for security. In fact, it seems like a security wash in some ways with ICMP becoming so critical to IPv6 working.

It provides a little tracking advantage with the ability to have different, changing IP addresses for each machine that communicates with the outside world. Which is cool.

But at a minimum, I'd have to run the XGS in dual-stack mode indefinitely. For example, I have a VPN and I may need to reach it from an area or an ISP that doesn't provide IPv6, so I'll need IPv4 for that pretty much until IPv4 is turned off in the Western Hemisphere.

My ISP will benefit from IPv6: smaller routing tables, etc. But it really doesn't feel like I have any real draw to get IPv6. An advantage here and there, a new adventure, but pretty much completely balanced out by disadvantages.

What am I not seeing? (Besides my ISP getting IPv6 and setting a deadline after which it won't support IPv4.)


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