How to find out which RBl IP is listed


Today I had a problem that almost all incoming emails were being listed as rm blacklist by Sophos XG450 (SFOS 18.0.5 MR-5-Build586) in MTA mode, analyzing some were clearly wrong, like Gmail senders.
Analyzing, I removed the use of the RBL "Standard RBL Services", I know that these can have false positives, but I've been using them for months and without major problems, but now I was, as I said, blocking practically everything, when removing, normalized the receipt.

I would like to know how to know in which blacklist sophos made that the sender's IP is listed, I tried some options, but without success, such as smtp DEBUG, it did not show the information I need.

For example in MTA with postfix that makes use of RBL, it informs which Blacklist was listed.

Is it possible to get this information? Because I want to know if any RBL used there is "bad" or Sophos not being able to make the query and avaba generating false-positive.

I found information about awarrensmtp.log but just how to make it populated by logs...



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