Sophos Firewall: v19.0 GA: Feedback and experiences

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  • Brett, I was on here looking for some information myself and have found your above message in the forums in 3 locations now. I recommend submitting a support request as LuCar Toni stated.

    I have v19 installed on 5 XG/XGS units at work along with one Sophos Firewall Home installed at home. All of which have been on v18.5.x and upgraded with no issues.

    There is most likely an issue with your firewall config or hardware that needs to be diagnosed.

  • Yeah, I've got several support tickets. Unfortunately the way their ticketing system works, it automatically closes in a couple days, and every ticket ends with them saying to try a new firmware and wait for it to happen. And when I go to create the next ticket after the next crash, I get a totally different person assigned who doesn't know anything again.