[SFOS 18.5MR3] Poor spam detection after update to Sophos Anti-Spam Interface

Hi everyone,
I am setting up a separate thread as I did not receive any specific reply in other threads.

The case concerns Sophos Anti-Spam Interface after upgrading from v18.5MR2 to v18.5MR3 and from v19EAP1 to v19EAP2.

Before updating, antispam works great in legacy mode, detects a lot of intrusive messages and tags with a prefix (near 99%). After updating, only some messages are detected as spam and tagged (I did not do any changes in configuration).

What it comes from? How can I edit my lists to achieve pre-update spam detection?


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  • Hi, have the same problem after update to mr3, i have the mta module, did not change anything. Obvious spam getting through.


    2022-03-26 22:36:27Emailusergpid="0" messageid="18035" log_type="Anti-Spam" log_component="SMTP" log_subtype="Allowed" status="" fw_rule_id="1" user="" policy_name="None" sender="smartcam@advertisecopy.co" recipient="bart@hbvdh.nl" subject="The Tiny, Discreet, Extra small size Video Recorder!" message_id="1nYE5D-0005Iq-FF-1648330587" email_size="10344" action="QUEUED" reason="Email has been accepted by Device and queued for scanning." host="advertisecopy.co" domain="" src_ip="" src_country="NLD" dst_ip="" dst_country="" protocol="TCP" src_port="35782" dst_port="0" bytes_sent="0" bytes_received="0" quarantine_reason="Other" src_zone="WAN" dst_zone="" app_name=""

    Bart van der Horst

    Sophos XG v18(.5) / v19 Certified Architect

  • Hello,

    the Problem is no Sophos AntiSpam Interface Pattern-Updates.

  • Could be a potential issue with the pattern. Please check the Up2Date log on the firewall itself, if you see a firmware update issue with pattern. 


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