Sophos Connect VPN Sporadically Forgetting Saved Credentials


I am having a few issues with the Sophos Connect VPN sporadically forgetting saved credentials for a few users. e.g. the credentials will be remembered for a random period of time before the user is repromoted to enter them in again (this is normally a few days or weeks).

I believe the credentials are stored in c:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Connect\protected\com.sophos.connect.xxxxxxxx. However, I am unsure how I go about diagnosing if anything is tampering with this file.

Please note, we are running 18.5.2 on our firewalls and the user has the latest connect client installed.

Any suggestions would be great.

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  • Maybe my issue has connection to this topic ...

    We are running SFOS 19.0.0 GA-Build317 using Sophocs Connect Client with SSL VPN.

    We noticed that client forgets credentials in case authentication has failed.

    Is this behaviour intended? Is there a setting to change this behavior?

    Would not beed good because authentication could also fail in case ldap server is noch reachable, even user/password is correct.

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