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Firmware upgrade error

Hello , 

Happy new Year!

i have a sophos XG85 device with firmware 17_5_10_620 and couldn´t boot up stucking and showing the following error : 

Version 2.17.1246. Copyright (C) 2017 American Megatrends, Inc.
BIOS Date: 03/20/2017 10:41:41 Ver: Z635-010
Press <DEL> or <F2> to enter setup. Press <F7> to enter Boot Menu

Starting 17_5_10_620.
Reset config to factory default
swapon: /dev/swap: Invalid argument
firstboot failed: swapon /dev/swap to display l
ERROR: Reset configuration Failed

i tried to upgrade the firmware version via SFLoader to this version : HW-17.5.17_MR-17.SF110-837 after transfering the firmware image and trying to overwrite it get the following error also : 

x Ah! I knew this would happen! This x
x firmware is obsolete and cannot be x
x loaded using this loader. If u x
x really need to load this firmware, u x
x can downgrade the loader. x
x x
x < OK > x

Could someone help me please to get the device up again ? 

Thanks and BR 


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