Sophos Connect 2.1 , .pro file and non-standard SSL VPN port


So - I received the email today that we should be switching our users over to the Sophos Connect 2.0 client.    So I'm attempting to do that now and use the .PRO file  to provision it.   We're using a port other then 443 for the actual SSL VPN server.  We're also using a different port for the user portal, but I see you can specify that in the .pro file.  We do NOT have user portal access open from WAN.

I get a connection error when I try to set my gateway address to  ipaddress:xxxx  where xxxx is the sslport that I have configured.

It appears that not having the user portal open to the WAN is my  real main issue. Can someone please confirm this? 

So the only way to enable the use of the .pro file is to have user portal  accessible from the WAN and  make sure everyone is using OTP?



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  • Actually SC works on the User Portal Port. What SC2.0 will do, it will connect for you to the User Portal and get the SSL VPN Config for you and provide the user with this file.

    User Portal is harden to be able to publish on WAN. Unlike Webadmin, it only gives access to specific file directories of a user space and therefore can be published on WAN. 


  • Sounds good thank you.  Good to know User portal is ok to be used on WAN now.

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