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Rule Summary Report

Hi all,

every firewall rule has an easily readable summary on the right hand side for audits and the like. Is there a way to export all of these summaries in some kind of report? Are you aware of any other reports that could be useful for 3rd party auditing?


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    Hi, Thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    I am not sure which exact summary report you're looking for but you can check the reports hub in the Firewall. You can also find the reports based on the different compliances. 

    Here is a guide to reports. It is for an old SFOS version but can give you some insights on the type of reports.

  • Hi Devesh, I am talking about the "Summary" on the right side when you open a firewall rule. For example:

    Accept "HTTP" and " HTTPS" services going to "WAN" zone, when in "LAN" zone, and coming from "" network, use proxy, and scan for malware then check with Sandstorm , then apply log connections


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    That summary is only available in the firewall rules. You can check reports for individual modules if needed or the compliance report for audit purposes.

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