Issue with my SOPHOS 310 Firewall (Sudden restart)

Hi to all Sophos Support,

I would like to ask your help regaridng the issue with my Sophos Firewall. Just today around 3:05-3:11AM (UTC+08:00) (philippine time). I don't know what caused the problem. Upon checking all the logs in the Sophos Firewall GUI I cannot see any cause of the suddent restart. I tried to access using WinSCP and copied all contents of the /logs folder. Can anyone assist me in the right direction on what to do to trace the problem? Wat logs I need to check. Below are some sample screenshots from dashboard.

Please advise. Thanks in advance for all the support.


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  • Hi : Thank you for reaching out to the Sophos community team. You may check the syslog.log around reboot time to see if there is any suspected error or logs appearing or not. If syslog.log…