How to backup a HA cluster to a Disaster Recovery Site

We currently have two XG 550 v18 configured in HA Active-Passive mode at our DataCenter (DTC). We also have another site available in case of disaster (DRS)

The question is if there is a way to have another XG in the DRS, synchronised with the HA cluster in DTC (or manual uploading of backups) and that can be activated  in case of disaster on DTC

It seems that this is only possible if the XG in DRS has its own licence. We have invested heavily in the DTCs and cannot afford the cost of a new XG+licence at the moment, especially when this node would only be in production in case of a disaster.

Would there be any other alternative to be able to do this kind of disaster backups on the HA nodes?

Thanks in advance.



Roberto Sánchez.

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