Sophos XG Firewall - License activation unavailable (error XG-00151). See KB-000043485 for the latest updates.

Unable to route to vm

I have Sophos xg setup in VM, helping out someone with map share over nas, but first i need to successfully do the mapping over vpn.

i have sophos xg (2 vNics, 1 bridged and 1 host only)

VMware fusion has its own DHCP server, so not sure if thst's somehow getting in the way

everything is behind router/NAT, getting wan ip from isp. I can access sophos user portal ovr public ip from mobile (cellular access), so port forward is correct, and wan port2 on sophos is working.

Interface icon status on dashboard is also showing 'green', so good to go.

now the 2nd vm with folder to share is running Windows 10. Does IT only seen connection to sophos only(i.e set gateway to point to port 1??)

router does dhcp only,  and both sophos and 2nd Vm are on the same network. At this point it seems there is no access from this 2nd vm to sophos, i assume this must be correct thinking as vm map would have to go over port2 to go out

On sophos i do have DNAT.

Internal server :Sophos ip

Public ip: my wan ip from isp

i assume this is correct, as technically there is no server behind sophos.