Check type of traffic used by host and only allow to pass through main Wan connection

I have 2 wan connections, main, and LTE.  LTE is only backup, and don't want to unnecessarily use it.  I have IPTV subscription, and don't want it to use the LTE when main connection goes down.  I know the IP address of the TV box. 

Can anyone tell me find the application it uses?  Or is that how I begin to do this?

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  • This is something, which will creatly improved in V19.0 (upcoming release).

    Per default, you have WAN Load balancing. you can interact with it on a easy level (WAN Link Manager) and simply put the LTE on backup, which will only call LTE; if the main connection dies.

    If you want to route only certain traffic, you can create SD-WAN Policy based routing and forward certain traffic. 

    To check this kind of traffic, i would recommend Central. In Central you can generate reports matching your request. 


  • Currently, I do have LTE on backup.  I don't have an SD-WAN policy yet, as I am having trouble figuring out what kind of traffic is the service using.  

    You mean enroll the FW to Central?  Does it make for better reports?  It is free for home users still right?

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