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We are trying to find out why the connection between the perimeter FW and the internal FW in LACP (802.3ad) is presenting traffic only through one of the interfaces?

I share the network diagram with you. The teams are XG330 and XG430 these are connected to each other. The traffic is supposed to be balanced between the two but I only see the same one traveling through one of the interfaces.

On the side of the XG430 it is configured in the LAN ZONE (PORT7 + PORT8) and the XG330 is configured in the WAN ZONE (PORT7 + PORT8). See the screenshots. 

 can you check this out please. 


Bandwith-monitor from CLI of both firewalls. 

We would like to know why the traffic is not being balanced with the configuration in LACP (802.3ad) between the interfaces. In the GUI i can see an upgrade of the interface from 1000MBps to 2000MBps.

But at this point we are having low bandwith from our ISP. But when we connect directly to the router we get all the bandwith we contract with service provider.

When we disconnect the PORT7 the traffic begins to flow through the PORT8 but if we reconnect the PORT7 the traffic returns to flow only through the PORT7.

Configuration of the interfaces in both FIREWALLS. 


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