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DHCP Servers and VLANs

First of all, apologies if this is a really stupid question, I'm still learning the XG Firewall.

We're migrating from a Sonicwall and I'm trying to reproduce the DHCP config we have on the XG. It's simple enough:

I've got range #1 replicated, easy enough, but I'm struggling on how to get the #2 range replicated on the V50 VLAN.

I have created a VLAN on the interface that will connect to the LAN (Port 8)  but I don't seem to be able to select that as the interface to use when I create the DHCP server.

Am I missing something obvious? I'm not super familiar with VLANs but I'm trying to learn. What I've done in the past on the rest of the infrastructure has worked but this operates differently to what I've seen before.

Thanks in advance.

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