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Mail being rejected after evaluated as sender being blacklisted

Since yesterday (10-21-2021) i've noticed that a lot of emails, that used to pass, are being rejcted based on the evaluation that the senders ip has been blacklisted.
Has anyone else have the same experience?

SFOS 18.5.1 MR-1-Build326
Device acts as a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

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  • Hello,

    These are incoming mails !?
    Is it more like "false positives" or spam that was not blocked earlier?
    What is the result of the blacklist check for such IP?
    What are the effects of the behavior?


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  • Hi Dirk,

    Yes this involves incoming email.
    It are not false positives nor spam ignored before.
    Some of the mails are sent by the mail complex (also blocked because ip is blacklisted)

    Also tested some of the mails against mxtoolbox. All green results here.

    There is definitely something wrong, testing to find out.

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