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Sophos XG is Kernel Panicking

Since updating to, I've noticed my firewall is Kernel Panicking at least 5 or 6 times a day. The best uptime I've been able to achieve is 4 hours. I originally suspected hardware, but have since moved the XG to new hardware. Has anyone else seen this issue?

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  • So far I haven't risked going back to 18.5 yet as its almost certain to crash again. I will try upgrading to 18.5 again tonight and see how it goes. 

    Currently I am on SFOS 18.0.6 MR-6-Build655 and it's completely stable.

    I will report back tonight after upgrading as to how it's going, and if it crashes I will try and capture the core dump.

  • The Firewall just Kernel Panicked again. Just checked the /var/cores folder and there are no files present.

  • Hello there,

    Thank you for the update.

    So in that case you would need to capture the console logging

    Using PuTTY, go to 'Session' - 'Logging.'

    Here, select "All session output', and set the file name to a folder and name for later retrieval.

    Configure the Serial connection to use the proper COM port on your PC and a Speed of 38400.

    Start the session, and log in to ensure it’s all proper.

    Once logged in, you can leave it there or log out and leave the session at the password prompt. Either way, leave the session active and allow it to capture the output from the next reboot.

    Once that reboot occurs, you can end the Serial connection and provide the logs to support further investigation.

    Have you open a case already for this, if not please open one and share the Case ID with me.


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