Apple MAC active directory users not registering on XGS firewall

A customer has a major number of Apple MAC OS computers.
The Devices are Active Directory joined, all have Sophos Endpoint Protection installed, the users log onte the computers with active directory credentials.

All the customer's locations have Sophos XGS firewalls with full Sophos Central connection activated.

All the Windows Clients/Users are beeing correctly registered as active users on the firewalls.

From the Apple MAC OS computers/users we cannot even see any log-on process on the firewalls logs.

The customer wants to implement user-based firewall rules
We need therfore to have the Apple MAC OS users register consistently on the firewall as active users.

How can we do this?

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  • I've also checked on the customer's firewall.
    There's a MAC OS client there, whose IP I know and that is registered and active in Sophos Central.
    But I cannot find its IP adress in the "heartbeatd.log" file on the corresponding firewall.

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