XG 125 with high Memory Usage,

i have XG125 (SFOS 18.5.1 MR-1-Build326)with 1x isp, there are total 40 users behind it.
when there is not load on firewall then its memory consumption shows 62 to 70%. there is very low
load on this firewall. please guide me how to address this issue.

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  • Hi Malik, Thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    Get the SSH Access and go to Advanced shell. (Option 5 > Option 3).

    Run the command --> top 

    press 1 after running the command and then press Shift + i (turn off irix mode). Once done, Press Shift + M to sort out processes taking the higher memory.

    Share the output snapshot so that we can verify which service is causing this high memory utilization.

    Devesh Mishra
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  • I have same issue with XG125, memory consumptions started to be excessive since I upgrade from 17 to 18. Now I have release 18.5.1 and the appliance use all the swap as well. After it reach 100% of available swap memory, the appliance hangs.

    Support is unable to help me.

    Below actual usage and last year usage. I upgraded on May.