XG Home firewall will not register

I've install the XG home on a standa-alone PC.  Trying to run down two remaining problems.  The first is that the device doesn't want to register.  When I log into it, I get the screen to complete the registration.  It has my Home Edition serial number pre-populated, and I cannot change it.  When I click "continue", I get the little spinning pinwheel for a few moments, then nothing.  No error message is displayed, but neither does it progress to the admin console.  I have to choose "I do not wish to register at this time" to get to the console

I've checked that time & time zone is correct.

I've made sure firmware is updated (18.0.5 MR-5 Build 586)

Connectivity is OK.  I can do diagnostic pings & name resolution over the WAN interface, and LAN clients can access the internet

I SSH'd in and looked at the license .log file.  These are the last couple lines:

INFO      Aug 21 15:48:58 [4154111424]: certificate_signing_request() : response : {"errorCode":"ITSERVICELAYER_PROVIDER_REQUEST_ERROR","message":"Device must be activated and registered","statusCode":400,"trackingId":"1f3ee41b-9d40-4b0b-8dee-6119e4f22489"}

ERROR     Aug 21 15:48:58 [4154111424]: Certificate signing Failed : Device must be activated and registered...:(
ERROR     Aug 21 15:48:58 [4154111424]: certificate signing request() : parsing failed...

Am I stuck trying to re-install?

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