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Strange L2TP VPN Issue on XGS2100

Hello Community,

we have a very strange issue with one User on a XGS2100 using L2TP VPN. The User connects to VPN without any Problems and is authenticated by Active Directory. The Windows Client receives an IP Address of the Firewall VPN Pool. 

On the Firewall all Rules are build up Network Objects. One Rule is to allow the VPN-Pool to access a Web Server. This Rule works for all users except one. This user is not able to connect to the Web Server. All other users can connect to the Web Server. I created many tests users all are able to connect. 

Has anybody an idea what's going wrong here? The Firewall is running on SFOS 18.5.0 GA-Build289. I don't know if it is a good idea to upgrade to 18.5.1 MR1 EAP on a productive firewall. 

An support case is not opened at the moment. 



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