XG136 Routing with ISP Complication

Hello All

We are changing ISPs and elected to not go with a Managed Router by the ISP.

Therefore the new IP address schemas they provided are as follows:


  CR IP: 32.*.*.182/30

  AR IP: 32.*.*.181/30

  WAN IP: 32.*.*.180/30


  Gateway: 12.*.*.105

  Usable Range: 12.*.*.106 thru 12.*.*.110

  Subnet Mask:

If we would've gone with a Managed Router, then we'd setup our XG WAN interface with the LAN details (12.X.X.X)

Instead, we have to setup routing between WAN (32.X.X.X) and LAN (12.X.X.X) first. I understand how to do this with a separate piece of hardware but not with the XG.

Internet  <--->  WAN (32.X.X.X)  <--->  LAN (12.X.X.X)  <--->  XG WAN (12.X.X.X)  <--->  XG LAN (192.168.X.X)

With that said how do I configure the XG so that if a User (192.168.X.X) navigates to sophos.com, the network path routes to XG WAN (12.X.X.X) and then routes to WAN (32.X.X.X) and finally to sophos.com? If I were to do a public IP lookup, it should show (12.X.X.X), not (32.X.X.X).

Hopefully that makes sense.

Your help is appreciated!

Thank you

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