Sophos Wifi Guest + Wifi Enterprise Authentication Problems

Hello all,

I have two problems at the moment.

We have an APX 120 attached to our Sophos XG.

With the Guest Wifi I have the problem that I can successfully ping for example from the connected computer, but the website is not displayed in the browser and I get a network timeout error message in the browser. I also get this error message with other DNS servers. The guest wifi is on a separate network. I get DHCP address assigned successfully, also the DNS servers are assigned successfully. Since the ping on extern domain names works I do not know why it does not show me these in the browser.

The second problem is with the internal wifi. I have installed and configured a RADIUS server for this. The test authentication from the XG with username and password is successful. However, if I want to log in to the SSID, a window appears where I enter my credentials, I get into a loop and on the Radius server I do not see any entries in the event viewer, which is why the login fails.