Sophos XG upgrade - XG135 -> XGS2100

Having issues restoring the backup from a XG135 to a XGS2100

XG135 (SFOS 18.0.5 MR-5-Build586) > XGS2100 (SFOS 18.5.0 GA-Build289)

Is this supported?


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  • There are probably a few ways to look at the roll outs that make sense. We are cringing as we have had so many restore issues even within the accepted scope on XG we can only imagine how bad the XG to XGS restores are going to be.
    We certainly hope its not the case but past experience shows this is a very weak point for Sophos firewalls.
    I feel bad for those that have also rolled out wireless they will likely have even more to deal with. 

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