Dropped Connections during Pattern Updates

Since installing multiple XG Firewalls in a multi-site environment, we have been plagued with "random" outages that last between 30-90 seconds.

I have finally correlated this with Pattern updates for either ATP, AV or IPS.  During the time of the definition updates all connectivity to the XG firewall is lost.  This actually brings down our Wide Area network and causes VoIP phones to restart looking for the phone server.

I have an open support ticket with Sophos but I'm awaiting their response.

I have changed the updates to happen less frequently (Daily), however when there are updates it still brings down the connection (albeit less often now).

Is there a way to still have automatic updates turned on but do them on a time schedule?  I find it utterly ridiculous that the system cannot do pattern updates without bringing down the entire network.

If this is "expected" behavior what have others done as workarounds?  I cannot have 30-90 seconds of downtime every other day for pattern updates. 

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