Sophos Connect, keep the window on-screen

Please excuse me if posting in the wrong forum, but I couldn't find one specifically about Sophos Connect. Feel free to move the thread if there is a better place for it.

I'm using Sophos Connect 2.1.20. Is there a way to get the connection window to stay open when switching to another application.

Specifically, I would like to switch to Keepass to retrieve a username/password (ideally to perform Autotype) but as soon as I click another application, Sophos Connect vanishes from the screen. (I've seen suggestions to use Keepass' Global Autotype, however that way I can't select which username/password entry to fetch from Keepass and I've got more than one connection).

It would also be valuable to have the application stay open whenever I'm connected to make it easier to see which connection I'm using.

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    Hi ,

    I got feedback from the internal team that this is the expected behavior, and there are no current plans to change it. 

    However, is there any reason why not to let the Sophos Connect…