RED15 Stopped Working in Transparent/Split Mode


Pretty much out of the blue I can't get my RED15's to work in Transparent/Split mode against 18.0.5 MR-5.

By work I mean accessing resources on the LAN behind the XG firewall.

I can't recall making any changes that will have any influence.

- All working OK with both Standard/unified and Standard/split.

- All working OK with both unified and normal firmware.

- All working OK with tunnel compression both on and off.

- All working OK with RED on LAN zone or separate zone.

- Checked with 3 different RED devices.

To make clear - using Transparent/Split mode, it doesn't work, regardless of other options (firmware/tunnel compression).

The tunnel looks as if it's working on both the RED and the XG side, but pinging whatever on the XG LAN doesn't work.


Thanks in advance, Adam.

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