Access all VLAN from mgmt but no VLAN should access mgmt


I have newly installed Sophos XG, I had an UDM Pro before.

Anyway, I have created a VLAN 20 and if I create a FW rule for LAN to LAN and source Any I can access VLAN 20 from "Native LAN" (#Port1).

What I wan't to do is that the devices that is not on any VLAN, but directly connected to "#Port1" should be able to access all devices on all VLAN's but devices on VLAN's should not be able to access "Native LAN" (#Port1).

If I make a FW rule with the following,

Source zones: LAN
Source networks and devices: #Port1

Destiatnion zones: LAN
Destination networks: Any

it does not work, it breaks the connection.

On the UDM Pro it worked fine, I just had to activate a rule for "Allow all Established and Related Traffic", but I can't find that in Sophos XG.


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  • Hi ,

    Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Sophos Community! 

    Instead of adding "#Port1" in the source network, could you please create a network object for the LAN network?