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We have tried to connect to a Firewall using a provisioning file but can't get it to work, we are getting "Failed to load conneciton"

We are using Sophos Connect and are able to connect to the user portal from the desktop in question, here is .pro file we are using

"gateway": "<firewall FQDN>",
"user_portal_port": 1443,
"otp": false,
"2fa": 0,
"auto_connect_host": "",
"can_save_credentials": false,
"check_remote_availability": false,
"run_logon_script": false

Loads into the GUI but when you connect we ge the failed to load connection

What are we doing wrong?



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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    I tried using the same provisioning file with a lab firewall and was successfully able to provision IPsec and SSL VPN connections.