SSL Remote Access VPN stops browsing.

hi, i have XG310 with V18 MR5. i configured SSL remote access vpn on it. i add policy members and required ipv4 networks, default gateway button is off. In VPN setting i add IPV4 DNS settings that is porint towards my local DNS server. when i connect vpn with above given settings. my vpn get connected, i can able to access my lan servers by using theri name. but i am not able to browse anything in browser. my outlook keep trying connecting. My Findings: when i see in local routing table of the pc by giving command # route print it shows me 2 default route one is pointing to my router, and another pointing to XG with first vpn pool ip as next hope. i tired to delete that vpn profile and create new but issue remains same, i.e, when vpn connected browsing stops and i see two default routes in PC routing table. What i did: on vpn setting i removed DNS ipv4 setting. after that when i connect vpn then it shows me single default route that is pointing to my router and specific routes towards my server which are placed behind the firewall. in this state internet is working, but now i am not able to access those server with name. those are accessible to me using ip. please advise how to fix it??

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