Sophos XG 18.0.4 MR-4: Creating Firewall Rules For Physical Ports

All of my VOIP devices are currently plugged into a POE switch. I want to connect that switch to physical Port 6 on the XG135. I bound an interface to Port 6, and set up a DHCP server for Port 6. The devices are getting DHCP leases from the new DHCP server, and can access the Internet. However, when I try to create a firewall rule for Zone LAN/Source #Port6, it doesn't capture any traffic. I can create a list of all the MAC addresses for the VOIP devices and create a working firewall rule using the MAC address list. However, how do I set up a firewall rule that captures all the traffic from internal LAN Port6 to the WAN? Thanks.

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    Instead of adding the source network as "#Port6," could you try to create a network object for the subnet associated with the Port6 and use…

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