Sophos Connect IPsec fails with MR5


After updating to MR5 (update went quick as usual), I cannot connect via Sophos Connect (IPsec).

Connection fails with "Incorrect PSK" error.

I tried re-applying the key from the scx file, but it did not help.

Exporting a new scx file (with the same key) revealed that after 95 characters "\\" is added and again after another 27 characters.

All in all, the key in the new scx file is 132 characters long instead of 128.

Trying with a new, shorter, key works, but it means deploying it to all the users, which is a bit problematic.


Inserting the "wrong" key (that is, the 132 characters key) into the firewall configuration and exporting a new scx revealed that this time, after each "\\" another 8 characters of "\" were inserted.

That is the exported key is now 148 characters long.

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