XG330 not booting correctly.

We have two XG330 firewalls in a HA configuration.  With one of them the front display wasn't responding and seemed like the device had locked up.

After rebooting the firewall it seems to be suffering some issues and I'm not sure where to begin with these.  After powering it up it goes past the options to enter setup etc. and then says

Loading configuration.

Performing automated file system integrity checks.  It will take some time before your system is available.

Examining Config partition.....

Examining Signature partition.....

Examining Report partition.....

Unable to mount Report partition on auxiliary disk


The device takes hours to go through the stage where it is examining the report partition but the config and signature partition takes seconds.  The device boots to the password prompt but does not respond to ping on the network which also means the GUI is also not available.  Also the screen on the front is still frozen on the Sophos screen and doesn't change when you use the buttons.

Typically, we dont seem to have the CLI password recorded anywhere... So I'm trying to narrow down how bad the fault is (software/hardware) before resorting to wiping the device and starting from scratch.  So, has anyone had similar issues to this before or can anyone help identify what I need to be Googling to find more info?  I tried searching for the error message but didn't get anything show up.

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